Health, Safety
and Security

Educating Villages One Little Mind At A Time

LVHCC is enrolled in the CACFP Food Program which ensures food being served to meet the requirements of the USDA. LVHCC provides a vegetarian food option also. All staff members of LVHCC are required to be Serv Safe Certified. This is not a state requirement but an LVHCC requirement implemented by the owner to ensure proper food handling is practiced.

LVHCC implements a secure environment with the security of Xfinity Alarm and Camera. There are cameras in all areas of the home with no hiding spots (there are no cameras in the bathroom for privacy reasons). There are cameras on the outside front with wide range towards street and side of the front house, the Educational Area, the Free Play Area, the Infant and Toddler area, the Kitchen, Back door area to proceed outside, Basement, Outside Play Area with wide range towards back gate and alley.


LVHCC employees are CPR/First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, Universal Precaution Certified. The state of Indiana always requires one CPR staff on duty. LVHCC owner always requires ALL staff to be certified. LVHCC owner/director is a Certified CPR Instructor. LVHCC administers their own background checks outside of the required fingerprinting mandated by the State of Indiana before hiring. The state of Indiana requests fingerprint background checks every 3 years. LVHCC owner requires a background check and drug tests every year upon staff yearly review.

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