A mission and vision that surrounds family and children


LVHCC provides a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children; a place for children to bloom into intelligent, responsible, loving individuals.  As a family owned child care, we welcome positive family involvement and encourage the parent-teacher approach where the need of every child comes first to obtain successful early childhood education and school-age care.  To be a program that will be sensitive and respondent to the needs of the community.  A high quality program that will allow parents to pursue their careers or further their education without guilt 



 Communication between parent and provider is a major key to building trust and relationships.  Not only do we communicate with monthly newsletters, facebook, our website, but parents can receive txts and emails straight to them with our SmartCare app. 

Flexibility and Perks


LVHCC takes pride in our community needs. We value what is most important. Everyone may not work a 9 to 5, start at 6am or end by 11pm. 

Our hours of operation fits many schedules.  Parents are able to choose 1st or 2nd Shift since we are 24/6. That's Right!!!!

We are open Monday through Saturday 24 hours!

We understand how splitting between home and child care can be costly so we decided to take a load off your hands.  We provide diapers, wipes, and baby food. Potty training begins at age 1 depending on the child. 

Every parent needs a break for a little me time. Every month one Saturday out the month LVHCC provides parent night out. 



LVHCC want to ensure our children are receiving the best: health and safety environment being on the food program, excel learning environment and planned curriculum being a level 3 child care and NAFCC. As well as offering St. Joseph County On My Way Pre-K.

We exceed the expectations


LVHCC staff together provides over 20 years of child care experience in all 3 settings ministry, family, and center based. 

Indiana, requires our teachers to complete 15 hours a year development training classes, but LVHCC policy is 24 hours a year outside of having a degree.