From the time they are born to the time they get their first tooth. 

These are moments forever remembered. It is an exciting time as infants grow.  The first 3 years are very important.  Here at LVHCC we take pride in our infants development just as any other age program.  From rocking, talking, reading, feeding, these are ways to help our infant grow physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. 

Our curriculum is broken up into age groups to better focus on development at that age.

  • 0-3 months our beginning stages we are focus on infants learning to feel comfortable, safe, and secure. During this time plenty of talking, singing, and cuddling. Plenty of baby signals, and watching the infant discover their body.  
  • 3-6 months is spent exploring more, grasping more, babbling more, crawling, and trying to sit up.

  • 6-9 months they are very independent in their own eyes. They can hold their own bottle, trying to stand, pushing and pulling toys, expressing more.  

  • 9-12 months learning how to walk, and discovering themselves with others.  Pulling themselves up, climbing down, sitting up more independently, even trying to feed themselves.

Our Infant Curriculum consists of Baby Sign Language. Some of the beginning signs used includes “Please, Thank you, All done, more, etc.”  Research has shown that using sign language at a young age can better help your child when it does come time for them to start becoming vocal and communicate through a different medium.  It is vital to meet the needs of our infants–and using sign language is a great way to communicate with the babies!  You will see your child make great strides in their cognitive recognition when they practice sign language at Little Village Home Child Care.




Little Village Home Child Care, LLC has an amazing toddler care program for energetic toddlers! 

Our toddler program environment is designed with equipment and activities to further promote cognitive, emotional and physical development. Children spend their time creating, exploring, and listening to music, as well as singing, finger plays and listening to and participating in stories.  Gross motor play is encouraged by activity walkers, climbing mats, push and pull toys.  Toddlers are introduced to sign language as well.

We do Potty Train! Now at no point within our program will your child not be able to advance to the next program because as you all know, children go when THEY are ready to go!  Beginning in the 18 month we start potty training.  The best way that your child is going to become fully potty trained is when there is consistency and communication between the parents and educators. When your family comes in to meet their teachers, we encourage you to discuss the best plan for success! 



Preschool at LVHCC is filled with a fun learning experience! 

At 3 years of age, a unique period of growth happens and we want to partner with you and your family to nurture this growth and let it soar!

Our goal here at Little Village Home Child Care is to challenge the kids but do so in a way that is going to make the most impact and allow them to be their own unique individual self. This is one reason why we use Creative Curriculum with a HighScope approach in our classrooms.

With the curriculum being so hands on, we are able to continuously assess the children based off of the lessons taught and adjust and proceed accordingly. It is wonderful to know where the children are at individually making sure everyone is being challenged based on where they are at developmentally!

Your child will love the “Centers” at LVHCC, since they are well-equipped areas of special age appropriate activities.




No need to worry about Before and After School Care we provide hours for all year round including breaks and emergency school closings! 

Little Village Home Child Care, LLC after school program combines activities, play and homework time to fully occupy the child’s afternoon.   After a day at school, the playground at our daycare provides activities that are fun and stimulating, while helping them develop their large and small muscle groups.   When entering the child care children can start on their homework or wait 30 minutes for snack by reading a book.   After your child enjoys a healthy snack they can choose some entertainment activities such as mini table games, Wii, card and board games, or computer time which gives them a chance to relax. 

For those who need it, children with homework are given time to accomplish it and teachers are on hand to provide assistance. 

During these bigger breaks we plan specific field trips and curriculum designed to keep these kids engaged and active! Learn more about our Summer Camp Program!