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Virtual Learning

Little Village Home Child Care LLC has adjusted to the way of society during this beginning year of 2020.

We are aware and understand this time around has many families and children at home making the best of the situation.  As some of our states are opening, we understand that some parents would still enjoy their child education to be virtual.

Virtual Learning is an educational tool, Little Village Home Child Care LLC, has implemented so all children can still have an engaged learning experience. All activities will be held on Zoom at the time the parent has chosen. Many of our parents work from home so children are at home, but education does not have to stop. Your child’s learning can be virtual.

If any of these below apply to you, then we have the best service and educational tool consider VIRTUAL LEARNING:

Stay at Home Mom

With children ages 6 weeks
to 5 years of age

Working From Home

Due to the pandemic, and even after states are reopening you are still nervous to send your child out.

Child Is Not at the Age

You desire for them to be in childcare, but you still want to make sure they are on task with their developmental skills

Virtual Learning have additional supplemental learning tools such as an activity binder your child can use at home, at the park, in the car, any day, any time desired.