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Toddler Avenue

Here is Toddler Avenue we have gone from discovering to exploring. Our toddlers’ age ranges from 16 months to 3 years of age. Your toddler will participate in fun learning activities and creative playtime that encourages exploration – while also introducing structure and an established routine. Toddler Avenue is structured more around our dramatic play area, block area, table toys, art, and music.

The Toddler Curriculum increases developmental skills as their age increase. At younger toddler age, we focus on social, cognitive, and physical development. Older toddlers have advanced motor and communication skills. Sign Language is incorporated at an appropriate age level.

Toddler Avenue encourages Potty Training. Teachers encourage children to sit and attempt to use the toilet during regular diaper changing times. Potty training is not the same for every child, so we go with the pace of the child. We do meet and plan with parents to encourage the same routines at home and while in childcare. Daily toilet activity is logged and communicated through our parent communication app.

Little Village Home Child Care LLC provides diapers and wipes for our Toddler Avenue class as well.

Developmental Checklist

for 16 months to 3 years of age