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Covid-19 Safety Measures

Exposure Reduction

LVHCC has limited exposure reduction by implementing the following tasks: risk free zero entry (parents are able to sign in and out with the ProCare mobile app from electronic device), virtual, evening, or weekend tours, curbside pick-up and drop-off option, physical distancing

Efficiency Cleaning

LVHCC has air purifiers throughout the child care for virus free zone, sanitation zone station at front door, sanitation stations in each class and kitchen. Hand-washing time has doubled. Steam sanitizer for everyday clean up safe and healthy. Weekly deep cleaning on weekends without children present

Safety Questionnaire and Temperature Check

LVHCC check temperature upon entering, before lunch and nap, after nap, and at checkout. Electronic questionnaire is available when parents first sign in on the parent app. Both children and staff take temps at given times

Indoor and Outdoor Clothing and Shoe Safety

LVHCC has a shoe cubby for children and staff to place outside shoes, replacing them with children and staff crocs purchased by child care only worn in child care. When children and staff proceed for outside play they wear their outside shoes. Staff may also opt out of crocs and will place shoe covers over their outside shoes. NO SHOES are worn in infant and toddler rooms.

No Room for Cross Contamination

LVHCC children and staff have their own supplies in individual containers for their use only to avoid cross contamination