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Curriculum and Accreditation

Learn Through Play

LVHCC chooses an integrated curriculum using Learn Through Play-Based and Creative Curriculum.

The purpose of the Creative Curriculum is to meet state objectives of learning through a play-based environment. LVHCC staff chooses an educational theme weekly to bring to life to educate the children. All centers are student-led with teachers still providing help but using open-ended questions to engage with children.

The Creative Curriculum standards align with Indiana Standards that all developmental skills are being met. The staff creates daily anecdotal notes during observations which allows them to adjust their lesson approach with the development of the child.

Parents can observe their child daily activities through our communication app. LVHCC parents and teachers have a parent-teacher conference in Dec, March, and June. Students are assessed the first 30 days of enrolling at LVHCC, which teacher and parent then set up and discuss their educational plan for that child.

LVHCC Learn on the Go is a weekly take-home project family have the option to work on that expounds more on what children have learned for the week or month.


LVHCC is Level 3 Paths to Quality childcare. LVHCC is currently enrolled in the NAFCC Self Study Program set to be observed in June 2021 to become accredited.

LVHCC is accredited with the Better Business Bureau