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"Educating Villages, One little Mind at a Time"

Little Village Home Child Care is a national accredited quality family childcare. We are honored to educate and serve infant through kindergarten, school age, families, and our community. With our child led, hand on, play based educational experience, we allow children to discover, explore with their creative, curious minds, creating lifelong learners and leaders. Our love for children is the reason the childcare first opened, and the reason we remain open to this day. 

Committed to the families we serve, we strive to give parents the feeling that their child is in the care of the most loving, knowledgeable, and thoughtful caregivers, each day. Children deserve to feel special, love, adored, and cherished. They deserve to participate in experiences that will change their lives forever and Little Village Home Child Care promises to provide the environment to make this come true!

Little Village Differences

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Professional teachers with ongoing training and education to guarantee the best quality educational experience for all children

LVHCC goes above and beyond to ensure all health and safety protocols are strictly enforced. Our safety measures include:
  • Sanitizing learning materials
  • Deep-cleaning physical spaces
  • Practicing fire and emergency safety protocols
  • Adhering to state childcare licensing department, health department, local and state government agencies and CDC guidelines
  • Training faculty and staff in CPR, first aid and Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention
  • Following Safe Sleep guidelines
  • Inspecting playgrounds daily

LVHCC has multiple ways of communication to ensure our parents are aware of things and understand that we are an open-communication childcare. LVHCC provides a daily app, newsletter, Facebook page, and private family group chat.

LVHCC believes in the whole child approach using child-led, innovative curriculum. We partner our learning curriculum with Learning Beyond Paper an accredited curriculum aligning with Indiana Standards.

LVHCC provides Diapers and Wipes, Nutritious Meals and Snacks for all ages.

 LVHCC believes in parent teacher partnership which is why we created a Board featuring parent, staff, and community leaders. We use our community resources such as First Steps, Health Families, and local schools to ensure our families and children have available resources


Providing everyday learning experiences through play, creating life-long learners and leaders.


To be an educational resource for families and children, where providing a safe caring environment where children can discover and learn in their own unique way through play and exploration.


LVHCC believe each child has the potential to bring something unique and special into the world. By having a respectful and caring bond with both the children and the family, we as a childcare can create a strong foundation for a wonderful early childhood experience for our children. 

Through active exploration of the world around them, play, interaction with others, memorable experiences and hands-on learning activities, our children development and growth occur every second of every day.


LVHCC takes pride in providing quality childcare. 

We are Accredited through NECPA.

LVHCC is Level 4 Paths to Quality. Indiana’s Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System.

LVHCC is a certified Minority Business Entity and Minority Women’s Business Entity

LVHCC is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. BBB sees trust as a function of two primary factors – integrity and performance.
LVHCC won Gold Award
for category Daycare in the 2022 South Bend Tribune Community Choice.
LVHCC won Silver Award for the category Childcare Services in the 2022 South Bend Tribune Community Choice.

Village Programs

Our curriculum is designed with both teachers and children in mind. Based on a innovative curriculum we strive to create learning experiences that engage children in developmentally appropriate and fun activities. Our everyday activities guides activity enrichments, and long range goals linked to key standards.

Developmentally appropriate activities that adhere to early childhood education industry standards
Clearly stated learning objectives to help facilitate learning in all domains
Flexible area choices to accommodate varied learning styles
Child led activities that capture children’s interest
Long-range goals linked to Key Standards
Provides suggestions to enrich childhood developmental milestones based on research
Interactive activities that help children develop a love for learning while they are growing, playing, and having fun.

Parent's Testimonials

Maria Mejia
Maria Mejia
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I love being able to go to work knowing my babies are being educated and properly taken care of. My 3 year old was reading after a couple of months, that plus the family dynamic just makes LVHCC an amazing institution.
Shannon Ballard
Shannon Ballard
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A Few Weeks Back I Made The Decision To Pull My Children Out Of Day Care & Put Them Somewhere Else Before I Went To Prison. Everyday When I Would Pick Up Mari From The Old Daycare I Would Get The Same Report All He Does Is Cry. I Tried Multiple Times Sitting Down With the Owner But Nothing Worked! My Child Has Been At His New Daycare Home For Officially A Month & From Day One She Worked With Him To Make MARI Comfortable In His New Environment. He Doesn’t Cry Anymore When I Drop Him Off He Is Jumping Out My Arms To Go Play. I Am So GRATEFUL To Have Found A Daycare That Fits My Child And The Employees Actually Take The Time To Get To Know Your Child.
Denika Staggers
Denika Staggers
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This daycare is the best I love it and my son love it. He can't wait to go . He have learned a lot since he been here the staff are great and they actually work with the kids I love it #Greatjoblittlevillagehomecare Yall are the best!!!
Breanna Denise Allen
Breanna Denise Allen
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Great childcare. My daughter loved it from the first day and it was her first time ever in childcare. Very warm and welcoming enviornment! Thank you!
Rena Mae
Rena Mae
Read More
Ty she gone this Darena again thank you so much for helping my stepdaughter I really appreciate it... God bless u ... What u are doing is awesome an well needed ..
Mandi K Erdes
Mandi K Erdes
Read More
Our family loves LVHCC! Miss Keana always has so many fun and educational activities planned for the children. We are so blessed to have found such a wonderful daycare.
Candice Medina
Candice Medina
Read More
First and only daycare my kids will go to. Shes wonderful with my kids.
Karen Wilken Deisinger
Karen Wilken Deisinger
Read More
This is by far the best day care. Love it and my girls are happy and learning tons

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